Lava Flow Hard Collar Golf Shirt

  • $69.00

Erupt onto your local track with the timeless Lava Flow hard collar. A bold explosion of color will have you turning heads and breaking necks. It takes bravado to pull off this look. But we both know you have plenty to spare. So show up and show out.

Inspired by the swag of years gone by, our newest hard collar collection has all the feels. 80/20 cotton-poly soft jersey, classic 4-button placket, tailored hard-collar, and a LAVA FLOW textile design. Fit is true to size

Please don't fry these in the dryer like a pair of gym shorts...this is a swanky high quality garment and needs the attention of a prom queen. We recommend a cold wash, hang dry, iron.... or if you're a baller, drop that sh*t off at the dry cleaners.