Special Reserve Hard Collar Golf Shirt

  • $69.00

If a peacock didn't have feathers, it would wear this shirt six times a week and twice on Sunday. Unabashed arrogance. Unrelenting robustness. Intoxicating masculinity. The Special Reserve drips with the timeless aroma of the top-shelf aftershave it's named for. If you're looking to blend in, and lay low then stay the hell away from this piece. If you want to command every setting you strut your onions into, this is the garment for you.

Introducing the Special Reserve Hard Collar Golf Shirt. A fine jersey cotton poly blend in Musk Cognac , tailored hard collar, with a swanky collar/placket textile design.

Fit is true to size

Please don't fry these in the dryer like a pair of gym shorts...this is a swanky high quality garment and needs the attention of a prom queen. We recommend a cold wash, hang dry, iron.... or if you're a baller, drop that sh*t off at the dry cleaners.