Ric Kane Pro


Ric Kane Pro

Full on 1980's inspired design.  Imagine pic never went to art school in New York.  He stayed on the North Shore and graduated to a tour friendly mid 80's design....

Here you go.  Flat rocker, Vee bottom, full volume flat-deck.  Trust us, this board hauls ass.

Typically ridden 1'' under your height, or even smaller.


Polyester construction with ultra-light-density foam-core-blank, dark-cedar-stringer for great-flex, and uniform proprietary "Schedule V" fiberglass with uniform cutlap.

Made to order, custom sizes available, from 5'5''-6'5''

Board shown, 5'7''19.5''2.25''

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, Shipping to be determined.