The Fog Cutter Hard Collar Golf Shirt

  • $69.00

Pristine with a punch. Beauty with a bite. Clean with a kick. A true shotcaller's garment, this number is drenched in class. And just like the drink it's named for, the Fogcutter deceives with its smoothness and devastates with its sneakiness. A true white rose with thorns. They'll never know what hit 'em, kid.

80/20 cotton-poly soft jersey, classic 4-button placket, tailored hard-collar, and a Mid Century Breeze Block textile design.

Fit is true to size

Please don't fry these in the dryer like a pair of gym shorts...this is a swanky high quality garment and needs the attention of a prom queen. We recommend a cold wash, hang dry, iron.... or if you're a baller, drop that sh*t off at the dry cleaners.